Most people look back at their early work and cringe a little...or a lot.  So do I.  It's a beautiful thing.  It indicates progress and shows you how far you've come.  This was the first film I made right after high school.  It was made for the Cut To Music film competition hosted by the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra who commissioned an original film score by the very talented Tom McLeod and asked contestants to make a film specifically tailored to the music.  

I found out about registration on the very last day with only a week to go before final cuts were due.  So I quickly signed up, downloaded the music and listened to the score on repeat maybe 100 times over the weekend.  I came up with the concept, storyboarded each shot and timed every action to the musical cues.  We shot over one day (on an HDV Canon XL-1 or 2, I believe), spent two or three days editing and made a film.  It was a real thrill to win first prize and see my film played along with a live orchestra.  I thought to myself, 'maybe I can do this...actually, I want to do this forever'.

I debated whether or not to put this film up on my website.  I'm glad I did.  It gives me perspective and reminds me of the pure joy of creation; those days before the inner critic and crippling self doubt had arrived.  It was just me, a couple of friends and a video camera.  I strive to return to that pure state of joy with every project I work on.  Instead of cringing I view all the imperfections now with so much love.  They are like little birthmarks and I love them all.

"A young couple's innocence is tainted when a slick salesman offers temptation..."


Winner of the Cut To Music Short Film Competition, Auckland, New Zealand, 2008
Screened on The Arts Channel, New Zealand, 2008
Official Selection - Atlanta International Film Festival, USA, 2009